You can't help being thirsty, when Farmik is somewhere around you. We bet!

About Us

Ours is a journey that began more than 6 decades ago in a small sleepy village of Siddhpur in Mehsana district, Gujarat. What started as a small operation of 15 Buffaloes, with money borrowed from a well wisher, has slowly but surely grown into a operation with more than 500 Buffaloes in the heart of Mumbai's green oasis known as Aarey colony.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be known for providing the best quality, unadulterated and tasty milk and milk products.

Our Management

Blend of expertise & experience.
Rahil Maredia
Rahil Maredia Director
Rahil Maredia is the marketing head and handles the marketing activities and logistics for Farmik. He has successfully gained a dual degree in Marketing and Supply Chain Management from The Ohio State University, U.S.
Aftab Maredia
Aftab Maredia Director
Every Farmik product is examined and verified by stringent procedures and criteria, and that’s ensured by Aftab Maredia, who’s an expert in Dairy Technology. Aftab, who had earned a dual degree in Finance and Accounting from Indiana University in U.S., looks after the production process and fresh product development at the manufacturing unit.
Kashif Maredia
Kashif Maredia Director
A Certified Public Accountant and the head of finance division of Farmik by profession, Kashif Maredia manages the core financial operations of Farmik. His other educational credits include a double degree in Finance and Accounting from The Ohio State University, U.S. and Masters from Cornell University.
Saif Maredia
Saif Maredia Director
The face behind the core business operations of Pune division, Saif Maredia is an enthusiast in managing the top-to-bottom activities of Farmik. He has a degree in Hotel Management from a well-renowned institute in Switzerland